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Welcome To Energy Prabardhan

 Energy Prabardhan Company Pvt.Ltd.(EPC) was established according to the Company Ordinance 2005 in august 2006 with its headquaters in kathmandu-capital city of nepal Government Registration No.40764/063/064 and Permanent account No:-302442153,aiming to work in the Renewable Energy Sector, specially in the micro/mini hydropower projects, throughout the country and beyond the border line also.

 Company’s motto is “ Customers’ Satisfaction” so are we fully committed to quality services. By its name, EPC was previously known only in the solar field.

However, since last 5 years, EPC has spread its services in mainly hydropower,building designing,civil works, etc. With many ups and downs in the past 5years

EPC has successfully succeeded to establish it as one of the successful and leading hydropower & solar firms in Nepal with a staff of more than 50 professionals, technicians and support staff.

EPC today has achieved a significant recognition as a reputed firm having a strong work force, galaxy of experts, strict compliance, commitment and dedication to the projects undertaken. EPC is continuing its services to manufacture excellence and quality services to various parth of the nepal











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